Fish Fish 6 inches and under Indian Ocean Fish Wrasse

Iridis Wrasse

The Iridis Wrasse is also known as the Radiant Wrass, Orangehead Wrasse and the Radiant Africa Wrasse. It is found in the Western Indian Ocean. Males and females are both 4.7 in. This wrasse has a peaceful nature and should only be housed with peaceful fish. Minimum tank size is 40 gal. The aquarium should […]

Fish Fish Over 6 inches Indian Ocean Fish

Blueface Angelfish

Males are 15 in., females smaller. The juveniles are seen as cleaner fish and ignored and adults can look after themselves. Best kept singly. Tank size is a minimum of 160 gal. Found in the Western Indian Ocean to the tropical Pacific. List of Fish Andaman Damselfish Arabian (Orange) Dottyback Asful (Arabian) Angelfish Australian Anemonefish […]

Damselfish Fish Fish 6 inches and under Indian Ocean Fish

Blue Damselfish

Males 3.5 in., females 2.5 in. Sometimes threatened by other damselfish & wrasses. Minimum tank size 13 gal. Found from Eastern Indian Ocean throughout the tropical Pacific. Damsels are quite aggressive, even to somewhat larger fish. They can be bred in captivity, and reports of success are not uncommon. Damsels may also be seen as […]

Fish Fish 6 inches and under Indian Ocean Fish

Pink Skunk Anemonefish

The Pink Skunk Anemonefish, or Pink Skunk Clownfish, is a fairly easy fish to keep. Being a hardy fish, it is ideal for beginners. It is bred in captivity and therefore readily available and inexpensive. It is native to the Eastern Indian Ocean to the Western Pacific Ocean. The males are 2.75 in., while the […]

Australian Fish Fish Fish 6 inches and under Indian Ocean Fish

Common Clownfish

This fish can be called Ocellaris Clownfish, Common or False Percula Clownfish. Males grow to about 2.75 in., females to 4.3 in. Damsels may be territorial. Minimum size tank 25 gal. They are found in the Eastern Indian Ocean and the Tropical Pacific and is similar to the Percula Clownfish. This fish is both easy […]

Fish Fish Over 6 inches Indian Ocean Fish

Yellow Swallowtail Angelfish

Males up to 7 in., females smaller. Except for Wrasses and some Triggerfish which may be a problem, other fish will react well. Minimum size tank for a female is 93 gal., for a male, 120 gal., for a pair at least 132 gal.. Best kept singly or in a male/female pairing. Found widespread from […]