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Calming Shirts for Pets

I want to begin this article with a story about my son. As a baby, he cried A LOT, even after seeing to all his needs and cradling him in my arms as I paced back and forth. A cousin of mine who happens to be a nurse suggested swaddling him, an age-old method of […]

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How Does Catnip Work?

The catnip plant is a member of the mint family. Its scientific name is “Nepeta Catria.” The plants native growing regions are Europe, Asia and Africa. Settlers coming to North America brought the plants with them where it found the soil to its liking and has been growing like a weed since then. Catnip is […]

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Feeding Your Pets Raw Food

There are many proponents on both sides, pro and con, for feeding your dog and cat raw food. Many pet owners are convinced that raw feeding is better for their pets. And recent pet food recalls have encouraged pet owners to feed raw or home-cooked food to their pets as they can control what goes […]

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Laser Pointers-Good or Bad for Cats

Cats appear to enjoy chasing the laser beam but are they really having fun. Playtime for cats is a learning experience as well as fun. Mother cats play with their kittens to teach them to hunt, exercise their muscles and give them mental stimulation. Kittens also learn when they’ve crossed boundaries and how to socialize […]

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Litter boxes

Ace Cat offers several styles of cat litter cabinets. They look like furniture with the litter area not in plain view. There are even cabinets that will hold several types of automatic litter boxes. If your bathroom is too small to hold a litter box conveniently, this is another option worth looking into. Litter […]

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Feeding Problems in Multiple-pet Households

UNEXPECTED ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS NOT KNOWN I’ve heard it said that when one door closes, another opens. From adversity comes light. This is the story of how one rescued cat ended up rescuing a world of multiple-pet owners. FROM DOGS TO CATS After a lifetime of dog ownership, we ended up with two cats. Well, […]

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ALERT – Iams Cat Food Recall

Proctor & Gamble has recalled specific lots of Iams canned cat food due to Thiamine (Vitamin B1) deficiency. The food is Iams Protective Health Canned Cat and Kitten Food and includes all varieties of 3 oz. and 5.5 oz. cans. Date on bottom of cans reads 09/2011 to 06/2012. Signs of thiamine deficiency can be […]

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Kitty Doors/Flaps

There are many varieties of cat doors/flaps available. You can purchase doors/flaps for windows, sliding glass doors and sliding windows, walls, screens, sash windows and just plain doors. There are electronic doors and magnetic doors. Some are even designed with tunnel sections. The biggest differences are probably in the locking mechanisms: No lock (these can […]

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There are many different types of litter to choose from. These days, most of them clump well and are an easy clean up. Choosing one depends on what you and your cat are comfortable with. You might want to try the new “green” litters. World’s Best Cat Litter (made from whole-kernel corn) and Swheat Scoop […]

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Kitty Litter Boxes for Oldsters

As cats age they may suffer from stiff joints and arthritis. These problems can make stepping into the litter box a painful experience. If you notice your older cat having these difficulties, check the litter box. You may have to change it to a box with lower sides to help in making it easier for […]