Messy Cat Litter

There are many different types of litter to choose from. These days, most of them clump well and are an easy clean up. Choosing one depends on what you and your cat are comfortable with. You might want to try the new “green” litters. World’s Best Cat Litter (made from whole-kernel corn) and Swheat Scoop (made from wheat) are 2 formulas that control odor, clump well and are biodegradable. Other earth friendly litters are Precious Cat Senior for problems in older cats and Precious Cat Long Haired Cat Litter which does not adhere to long-haired coats. Tidycat, Odor Lockers and and Arm & Hammer are just some available. My daughter Rena likes the Arm & Hammer. Don’t forget to get a scoop as well.

You can also use woodchips in the litter. We do, and our cats love it.

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