Anna and Angel Molly

“My Golden Retriever, Molly, lost her battle against osteosarcoma in March ’09. The following October her litter sister Tilly and I moved to a new house. It may sound strange but I was really worried Molly wouldn’t know where we’d gone. It bothered me a lot.

One day I had been decorating at the new house. I’d taken some of the dogs’ toys there for them to play with when they’d start visiting the new house. I’d also left a pair of old shoes there to wear whilst painting.

When I returned that day, the shoes were right where I left them by the front door, but in between the shoes and the door was Molly’s favourite red ball. There is no way it could’ve rolled there as the shoes were almost against the door. So how did that ball end up there? I took it as a message from my Molly to let her worried mum know she knew exactly where we’d be.”

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