American Eel

American Eel

Eels are interesting and are certainly a different kind of pet to have. There are over 600 known species of eels. American Eels are actually born in the Sargasso Sea in the North Atlantic Ocean and swim back to the East Coast of the U.S.

American Eel babies are transparent when young and darken with age. This eel is shaped like a cigar and very slimy. They are often used for bait. Adult males are 24 inches long while adult females grow to 60-72 inches long. Life Span is about 10 years.

Size of the tank should be at least 75 gallons. Gravel and rocks make good cover for the bottom of the tank. Eels spend most of the time at the bottom and like to burrow and hide. The top of the tank should be covered with something solid as your eel will try to escape if it discovers an opening. Water temperature should be 60-75 degrees.

When the eel is very young it will get along with other fish. But as it grows, it will feed on any fish except perhaps those larger than itself.

The American Eel usually feeds at night, but you can begin feeding at a convenient time for you and the eel will adjust. Your eel is a carnivore and will feed on live fish, worms, shrimp and other crustaceans. Young eels also feed on plankton. Only occasionally should they be fed meat and fish pellets.

Be careful handling your eel, they will bite.


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