African Pygmy Mice

African Pygmy Mice are found in Africa south of the Sahara Desert. Their bodies are 4.5 cm. long with a 3 cm. tail. Ears are large and triangular in shape. They weigh about 0.11-0.42 oz. Colors are grey and dark red brown with light bellies. Females are lighter in color than males. Lifespan is about 2-4 years old.

In the wild, these pygmy mice stack pebbles near the burrow to collect dew which they drink in the morning.

Pygmy mice are sociable creatures and should be kept together in an aquarium with a mesh cover. Bedding should be mouse-safe like aspen shavings, sand or shredded paper. Branches, untreated pieces of wood, cardboard rolls can be added to the aquarium. A water bottle is best as they may drown in a bowl. They will eat wild bird mix, millet seeds (their favorite), peanuts, sunflower seeds and dried insects.

It is important to note with they are too small to drink from normal water bowls and risk drowning. You must either have a very shallow dish or leave a stack of pebbles or other method for your mice to climb out.

As with most rodents, they are nocturnal. They are the smallest mammal known. Because they are so tiny, great care and attention must be given them to ensure their safety and health.


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