What’s Your Preference – Male or Female Pet?

Lucy and Linus

The battle of the sexes seems to have filtered down to our pets – in our minds, not theirs. Let’s explore if there are really differences between males and females and see how we humans view them.

Cats – Many people feel male cats are more affectionate. Females tend to be moodier. Non-neutered males can be more aggressive and territorial.

Dogs – Males are bolder and more aggressive. Females are less pushy, more moody. Intact males tend to wander in search of females.

Turtles – Males have a very strong sex drive. It’s best to keep one male with two or more females. Again, the males tend to be more aggressive.

Cockatiels – Females are more docile. Males are better talkers and whistlers.

Mice – Males have an unpleasant odor. Females get along, but 2 males together may fight as they are more territorial.

Ferrets – Males tend to be mellower than the females.

This is just a sampling of how people perceive their pets. The consensus of opinion seems to be that males are more aggressive and territorial. But we believe gender is not as important as environment. A pet that is given a home filled with love and care including proper training, makes a wonderful pet no matter what the sex.

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