Pets welcome

Pets Welcome!

Don’t leave your faithful friend behind – with FHG, even your pets are welcome!

Our Pets Welcome! Guide to holiday accommodation in the UK and France where your pets will be welcome is our largest selling title, and is in its 53rd edition.

As a nation of dog-lovers, it’s not surprising that dogs are the pets most catered to, but some places are happy for you to bring cats, small caged animals, or even horses (see the Holidays with Horses section)!

With FHG’s Pets Welcome! Guide, you can find the perfect venue for you and your non-human friend : accommodation choices include hotels, B&Bs, self-catering properties, caravans and narrow boats throughout the UK and France.

There is a wealth of information on taking your pet abroad and the Pet Passport, a guide to pet-friendly pubs, readers’ offer vouchers, a Pets’ Gallery where readers are invited to send their favourite pet pic for possible inclusion and a supplement with details of dog-friendly walks.

The FHG Pets Welcome guide also contains handy information on pettiquette, such as not allowing your dog to jump up on furniture unless permission has been specifically been given, or a reminder that your pet is likely to be lonely if left alone in a strange room.

You’ll wonder how you ever managed with your Pets Welcome! Guide.

Pets Welcome now has its own dedicated website at [1]

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