Treating Wounds – Pets

Common wounds occur when your pet is bitten by another dog or cat, accidentally steps on something that causes a wound on the feet, or it may be a body wound.

If there is bleeding check to see where the blood is coming from. Put a sterile pad over the wound and bind it tightly. If this is not possible, learn the pressure points to control continuous bleeding. Contact your vet or emergency service immediately, especially of bleeding persists. You may want to keep these important numbers near your telephone and on your other emergency phone number list.

Pressure Points

Forelimb – artery crosses the bone above the inner elbow

Hind limb – artery is on the upper inner thigh

Tail – artery is underneath the tail

Head and neck – the carotid artery meets the shoulder – bleeding in this area is stopped by placing a finger firmly into the groove.

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