Treating Burns in Pets

Burns to pets can be caused several ways – accidentally spilling hot or caustic liquids on pets, pets biting electric wires, even extreme cold.

There are three degrees of burns:

  1. First degree, where the skin will be painful to touch, red, and may blister
  2. Second degree, where in addition to pain, the skin will turn dry and tan in color and there will be local swelling.
  3. Third degree, where the fur will pull out easily. The skin may appear pure white, or black if charred. The area may not be painful to touch due to nerve damage and the animal may go into shock.

If the substance is still on the pet, gently wash it off with cold water. Then apply a burn ointment or petroleum jelly. Treat the pet for shock with Karo Syrup or honey on its gums. Keep the pet quiet and cover with a blanket. Contact your vet.

Don’t try to treat the burn with lotions, ointments or oily dressings. Don’t over-cool the animal; when he starts shivering, stop washing him.

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