Questions to Ask Before Surgery

Dog Surgery

Having your pet go through surgery can be very stressful. But being well-informed beforehand can ease some of that worry. Consider asking your veterinarian/surgeon some of these questions.

  • Is s/he board certified? You want someone qualified to perform the particular surgery your pet needs.
  • Has s/he performed this procedure before?
  • Is a specialist required for this particular type of surgery?
  • What is included in the physical examination before surgery – blood tests, x-rays, etc.?
  • Is there special equipment available if necessary during and after surgery?
  • During surgery, is the patient monitored?
  • How is anesthesia administered and monitored?
  • After surgery, is there staff to monitor the patient 24/7?
  • How is pain controlled?
  • How long is the hospital stay?
  • What are the instructions for home care? It’s best to have a clearly written sheet of instructions.

Of course, you’ll want to know the cost of the surgery. Ask beforehand if the cost includes pre and post-operative care.

Being an advocate for your pet and armed with questions and answers will put you both more at ease for the procedure.

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