Pet Sitting

Pet Sitter

Whether you are going on vacation or simply spend a lot of hours away from home, you might want to consider pet sitting. A pet sitter generally comes to your home and cares for your pet there. This ensures that your pet gets individual attention and isn’t exposed to diseases which might be found at a kennel. Pet sitters will adapt themselves to your pet’s routine. However, some people find that a boarding facility is a better option, since staff may be better trained and can administer medication. Pet boarding also makes it less likely that your pet will run away.

In most areas, there are no laws requiring a pet sitter to be accredited. There are organizations which provide training to pet sitters and give their students accreditation. A pet sitter/boarder may call himself licensed because he has a business license. If you prefer that your pet sitter has specific training, ask about accreditation and experience.

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