A mule is an animal sired by a female horse and a male donkey. Although mules have a reputation for being stubborn, it is really a sign of their intelligence. Mules are cautious and can’t be forced into doing anything they don’t want to do. They will not allow themselves to be worked to death, and will let people know when something is not right. Mules are sterile but the males can be aggressive and mean if they are not gelded.

Mules can be trained for saddle riding, cutting and roping and even racing. They have more stamina and can carry more weight than a horse, and can jump higher than one.


Mules get most of their nutrition from grazing but they also need grain, corn and wheat. Lush pastures are too rich and unsuitable for a mule. Fresh water should be available at all times. Mules also need access to salt; loose salt is better than a block since the mules will consume more of it.


Mules are originally desert animals. They can do well in cooler climates as long as they have warn shelter. Mules can jump high fences, so they must be kept in a closed barn or stable at night to prevent them from running away.


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