Lemurs lemur

Lemurs are primates and are playful, cute and very intelligent. Their native habitat is the island of Madagascar. Lemurs have long, bushy tails which they use for balance and to communicate with each other. Their tails are ringed black and white. The body is gray, muzzles are black. They also have opposable thumbs and long toes for gripping branches. They see well at night although are thought to have limited color vision. Lemurs have a strong sense of smell.

Lemurs as Pets:

While they can be good pets for the right people, lemurs can be unpredictable. If you decide you want a lemur as a pet, here are some thing you should know.

They must be spayed or neutered between 6-10 months old. Always purchase a hand raised lemur. Neutering a male can be expensive as the testicles are not always descended at that age and surgery is more complex. If lemurs are not spayed or neutered at an early age, they become aggressive. When hand-raised they lose their fear of humans and can attack your friends and even you. And they know the difference between a man and a woman and will become possessive.

Breeding Lemurs are very protective of their young. Even if hand-raised they will strike out at you to protect their babies.

They can be moody even without a baby. Don’t try to take something away or even pet a lemur without being sure it is agreeable. Lemurs have two long teeth and can cause nasty injuries with them. This is especially true of males that are not neutered.

Lemurs can be jealous of other pets. There are pets that will tolerate their slaps and play bites, but most will not.

A Lemur bonds closely with its primary caretaker and may respond aggressively to visitors. That’s why it is best to keep your Lemur caged when having company.

A Lemur’s diet consists mainly of fresh fruits, flowers, leaves and vegetables. Occasionally they will eat insects or small pieces of meat. Fresh water should always be available.

Exotic animals like Lemurs need special care. They can live 20 years or more. If you truly believe you are prepared to care for a Lemur and make that commitment, then you can consider raising a Lemur. But research thoroughly, these are living creatures and deserve the proper care.

Check the laws of your state and city to make sure Lemurs are legal to own as pets in your area.


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