Sound Wave Therapy for Pain

Sick Dog

Sound wave technology offers a non-invasive treatment for pain and lameness. High energy sound waves are a type of pressure using vibration on an object. Also known as pulses, controlled sound waves penetrate soft tissue to the area to be treated and stimulating the body to repair itself.

Sound wave technology cuts healing time and can relieve pain in 1-3 treatments. The treatments take between 5-10 minutes. The dog is anesthetized with a short-acting anesthesia. The fur is clipped and a special gel is applied. Recovery time is minimal. However dogs receiving the treatment should not take part in strenuous activity for a few days to allow healing.

Sound wave therapy can be used with dogs suffering with arthritis, joint injuries, chronic back pain, slow-healing bone fractures, tendon/ligament injuries, chronic wounds such as lick granuloma.

For further information visit VersaTron 4 Paws online. Check online for where this technology is available for pets.

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