Farm Animals

Silkie Chicken

Farm animals may live on a working farm or they may be pets in someone’s backyard. Some people enjoy having a pet that’s just a little different. Others end up with a farm animal as a pet after they rescued a homeless animal. Although farm animals are not your typical pet, they can be very affectionate and bond with their humans. They are gentle and peace-loving and allow people to form a stronger connection to the earth. Children love to pet and care for farm animals. An added bonus is that chickens lay eggs and goats give milk.

Some challenges do exist when caring for a farm animal. Not all vets are experts in treating large animals. During the winter, it is challenging to keep the animals warm and healthy outdoors. Farm animals can’t be kept everywhere – some local governments have strict regulations about where farm animals can be raised.

Although farm animals can develop affectionate relationships with people, they are mostly viewed as food sources and often inhumanely treated, especially on factory farms. If you choose to keep a farm animal, there will be one less animal in the factory farm system.

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