What are some facts about Ferrets?

After dogs and cats, Ferrets are the 3rd most popular pet in the U.S. Ferrets weigh about 2-4 lbs. depending on gender. Lifespan is about 8-10 years. Colors are brown, grey and black, mask, feet and tail being darker than the body.

How do I care for and feed a Ferret?

Ferrets do not tolerate very hot weather well, so be sure to keep them in cooler areas in summer. Female Ferrets should be spayed before their first heat and all Ferrets should be descented as it helps to increase the lifespan. They also need inoculations against canine distemper. Ferrets are very active and extremely playful. Like cats and dogs, they should be allowed the freedom to run about the house. They are very curious and explore every nook and cranny. If you have 2 ferrets, they will happily play with each other and any other pets you have. It’s not advisable to have them as pets with very young children who might cause injury to the Ferret. Diet can consist of dry ferret food or kitten food available at your pet shop. Avoid dairy products, bread and nuts. Ferrets are not rodents but belong to the weasel family.

In some states, counties, etc. in the United States, ferrets are considered wild animals and banned as pets. Check your local laws regarding keeping ferrets as pets.

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