Jan./Feb. 2012 Pet Holidays

Here is a list of the Pet Holidays for January and February of 2012. We’ve included some holidays that are not for traditional pets, but for animals in general.


National Train Your Dog Month

Walk Your Pet Month

January 2nd – Happy Mew Day for Cats

January 5th – National Bird Day

January 14th – Dress Up Your Pet Day

January 18th – Winnie the Pooh Day (just added for fun, the holiday actually celebrates the author of Winnie the Pooh, Milne)

January 14th – Bald Eagle Day

January 20th – Penguin Awareness Day

January 29th – Seeing Eye Dog Day

January 31st-February 3 – International Hoof Care Week


Pet Dental Health Month

February 1st – Celebrating the First Police Dog

February 23rd – National Dog Biscuit Day

February 25th – Celebrating the Hen that Laid the Largest Egg

February 27th – International Polar Bear Day

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