Is Your Pet Left or Right-Handed

Dog Paw

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, scientists come up with something new. It may be difficult to believe, but pets can be left or right-handed just as humans are.

Studies conducted at Queen’s University in Belfast, Ireland have shown that female dogs and cats are right-handed while their male counterparts are left-handed. However there are no differences when a pet is spayed or neutered leaving scientists to believe that hormones might play a part in the choice.

Interestingly, scientists have discovered that many animals have left or right-handed preferences.

Parrots will pick things up with the dominant claw. And those favoring either left or right appear to be smarter.

Toads are usually right-handed.

Research has discovered that a honeybee’s right antenna is more sensitive to smell.

Chimps can be left or right-handed just as humans are.

Fish will either favor moving to the left or right to escape a predator. Fish are known to use a dominant eye – right-eyed fish swim clockwise while left-eyed fish swim counter-clockwise.

Humpback whales usually feed on the right side of their jaws.

You can check your dog for this one. When relaxed a dog’s tail wags to the right, when stressed, the tail wags to the left.

New Scientist magazine tells us that human left-handers have more of an advantage in sports with the element of surprise. This also works when left-handers are being attacked.

Scientific studies have shown that being left or right-handed is not limited to humans, but is present in many creatures.

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