Happy Cat Month

Happy Cat

The month of September has been designated “Happy Cat Month.” Of course, as cat lovers, we want to keep our cats happy all the time. Here are some ways you can keep your cat content.

Take him/her for regular checkups to the veterinarian. A healthy cat is a happy one.

Keep your cat up-to-date with any necessary vaccinations.

Make sure your cat has identification tags with all pertinent information. Have your cat microchipped too.

If you take your cat for a walk outdoors, make sure s/he is leashed. This can avoid any accidents and other dangers.

Give your cat toys to play with. Include a scratching post – it will save your furniture and carpets. Join in the
playtime with your cat to strengthen the bond you have. Training can be part of the play.

Keep your cat well groomed. Check ears, teeth, brush the coat several times weekly.

Ask your vet what supplements your cat should have to keep in top shape. Choose the best diet for your cat keeping in mind that cats are meat-eaters.

Lastly, think about having more than one cat. They can keep each other company when you are out.

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