Is Your Bird Smelly?

Sjy Bird

Most birds have no odor nor do their droppings smell. If there is an unpleasant odor emanating from the cage or your bird, it’s time to inspect both for the source of the smell.

If your bird is behaving normally, eating well, droppings are normal, not sitting puffed up all the time or picking at its feathers constantly, you can probably rule out any illness. If there is any doubt, have your bird examined by an avian veterinarian.

Is your bird’s cage in an area where there are cooking smells, cigar or cigarette smoke or other odors? Birds’ feathers can pick up these smells. Bathing your bird at least twice weekly can eliminate the problem.

With our busy schedules these days, we sometimes neglect to clean the birdcage properly. Although droppings don’t smell, food left in the cage too long becomes rancid and gives off an odor. Removing food left too long, cleaning the cage well and providing fresh water daily can solve the smelly problem.

During mating season, hormones can make birds have an odor. Bathing more frequently can help.

There are 2 breeds of bird that do have a natural odor. The Musk Lorikeet has a musky odor as its name indicates. The Rakappoo, a nearly extinct, ground-dwelling bird has a heavy musty odor.

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