HSUS-Dog Fur Sold in U.S.

Humane Society

The Humane Society of the United States reports that domestic dog fur is being sold in the U.S. This is going on in spite of the fact that Congress passed a law banning the sale of garments made of dog or cat fur.

Unique Product Enterprises, a New York-based company, that openly advertises Products from Dog Fur, has been using domestic dog fur according to an HSUS investigation.

Even after being exposed by the HSUS over 10 years ago, China still kills cats and dogs for their pelts and sells them on the European market.

Traps are still being used in the U.S. to kill wild animals, a cruel and painful way to capture and kill them. Traps make no distinction between pets and those wild animals.

In any case, we believe fur belongs on the animal, not on some article of clothing. There are some manufacturers who choose to label their garments rabbit fur when it is dog or cat fur.

We understand that many people collect fur from their own dogs or cats to weave into yarn and use to make personal garments. This is done without hurting the pet as fur is collected from brushing the pet’s coat and from self-shedding. My own German Shepherd, Quanah, has a thick coat and while she sheds all year, I can collect most of the fur in summer. I plan to use the fur in a pillow for my own use featuring my pets’ names.

But we cannot condone killing animals, wild or pet, for their fur. We support the HSUS and other humane organizations in urging retailers, designers and YOU, the consumer to avoid animal fur altogether.

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