Celebrating Shelter Animal Birthdays

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Most of the time, the actual age and date of birth is not known for shelter animals. Most shelters can pretty accurately determine the pet’s age. North Shore, the largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization has designated August 1st as the shelter animals birthday for all animals whose birthdate is unknown. Other shelters often use July 4th, America’s birthday, as their shelter animals’ birthday too.

Many shelters celebrate their animals birthdays in different ways.

Some hold parties and invite the public to join in. Donations are made in the form of toys, treats, leashes, collars, blankets, dishes, towels, litter, food. Many people give cash donations which shelters can also use to maintain high standards for their facilities. Bake sales are held at some shelters with people donating baked goods and proceeds going to the shelter. Volunteers offer their services walking dogs, cleaning cages, wherever they are needed. The experience often leads to volunteering on a regular basis.

One of the most important celebrations shelter pets’ birthdays is turning it into a major adoption day, often offering specials on some adoptions.

You can make every day a birthday celebration for some lucky pet who needs a home. Adopt a shelter pet and they will be forever grateful, showing their gratitude with unconditional love and loyalty.

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