How to Toilet Train Your Cat

Cat using the toilet

Would you like to train your cat to use the toilet instead of a litter box? It’s doable and your cat may be one who can learn. However, you need lots of patience as training can take several weeks.

Having an extra toilet is a big help as you can designate that one as the cat’s own. Kittens are easier to train than older cats, but with perseverance, you can do it. Make sure your kitten is large enough so that it won’t fall into the toilet.

You can start by moving your cat’s litter box next to the toilet. Give your cat a few days to become accustomed to this new area.

Then raise the litter box, a little bit at a time, until it is the height of the toilet. Use something secure for the litter box to rest on so when your cat jumps in it, there are no accidents.

Next, move the litter box over the toilet seat, also securing it with duct tape. You can now gradually begin decreasing the amount of litter until a thin layer remains.

At this point, you can use either a bowl such as a colander or a plastic one that you can make holes in. You can gradually enlarge the hole until your cat gets used to the water. Place the bowl under the lid of the toilet and secure it. It’s a good idea now to use flushable litter using a small amount and decreasing again until you don’t have to use any. When your cat is used to the water, you can dispense with the bowl. There are also commercial toilet training products available. Just follow their instructions. When choosing one, take into account your cat’s weight and make sure it will hold your cat. Feline Evolution Cat Seat, The Kitty Cat Toilet Training Kit and Kitty Whiz Cat Toilet Training Kit are some to choose from.

If your cat makes a mistake, don’t scold him/her. Just show your cat the toilet again. If at any time your cat is frightened try to start over again. If your cat is insecure squatting on the toilet seat, you might consider purchasing a padded seat which is easier for your cat to hold onto.

Good Luck!

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