How to choose a kitten

  1. Decide what gender you want your cat to be. This will have influence to the future mating seasons and for the way of contraception.
  2. When you buy a cat, is very important to choose an animal with good character. It is easy to know. It should be playful, vibrant, and have appetite. No wonder such an animal can later upload to your head, in the literal sense.
  3. When buying cat you should carefully watch out her ears and try to take a look at her mouth too. Ears of the animal must be perfectly clean. The mouth must be pink, not whitish or red.
  4. Warning! If the cat’s eyes are cloudy, teared or mucus filled with stagnant, you would better cancel this kitten. These are disease signs issue.
  5. It is very easy to check what kitty’s healthy is if you just observe its behavier when it is in a group. You just should stay near the litter for about 10 minutes and watch the game on the young. If the kitten stands in the corner and just watch, you would better not take it.
  6. If a kitten is afraid to jump from a chair to the ground, this is a sign of breached metabolism, leading over time to a softening of the bones.
  7. Smooth breeds should have a shiny coat and good looking. Clotted hair talk about health problems, and if there are small round sections, that is most often a sign of mange. Frequent scratch revealed vermin.
  8. Look carefully at the little belly. It must not be too hard and bulging – this may be due to intestinal worms.
  9. The anal area has to be clean, without clotted hair and smudging.
  10. It would be good if you have the possibility to see the mother. She must be well fed, viable, peaceful or aggressive within the limits of normal and monitored with a view to kittens.

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