How snakes shed their skin

Snake Skin

Like many of their furry counterparts and even humans, snakes also shed. However, unlike many other animals, they shed their skin all at once. This process is called ecsdysis and normally happens around once a month, though it can vary depending on such factors as age, humidity and health. Younger snakes might shed more often as it is associated with their reproductive cycles.

One thing to look out for before your snake is ready to shed is that the skin around their eyes might become faded. You may notice aggressive or nervous behavior since this will affect their vision. Once your snake’s eyes return to normal, he is ready to shed. The overall skin may also change color; it might become dull or faded.

While your snake is in the shedding process it is important to maintain proper humidity levels and leave a bowl of water in the tank as he may soak to help the process.

Humans should also take precautions during this process. Avoid handling the snake, as there could be parasites or bacteria that can be harmful to humans.

The entire skin should come off in one piece, including the eye-caps. Incomplete shedding can be caused by many factors including improper nutrition or disease. If you notice any abnormalities call your vet.

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