Pain Relief with Mamba Venom

Green Mamba

In Paris, France, scientists have experimented with the venom of the Black Mamba to relieve pain. The Black Mamba is a lethal African snake, a member of the adder family. Its venom is extremely fast-acting, attacking the nervous system and causing respiratory paralysis. It is vital for a bite to be treated as soon as possible with antivenom.

Scientists have isolated what is called peptides from the mamba’s venom and have injected it into mice. Findings so far point to the fact that it may be a safer pain reliever without risk of addiction or drug abuse. The natural peptides are called mambalgins and showed no toxic effects on the mice.

Morphine is the drug of choice used for severe pain, but it does have side effects and can be habit-forming.

Investigation continues to determine if the venom will work safely and effectively on humans.

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