Horse Meat Controversy in Canada


The Canadian TV show, “Top Chef Canada”, has aired an episode called “The French Feast” requiring chefs to create dishes using horse meat.

We understand that in some cultures, eating horse meat is a delicacy. It can be found in many European restaurants and is sold in supermarkets in Quebec.

Since the controversy over the show, there have been many views shared, pro and con. As animal lovers and defenders, we support those against the use of horse meat.

Horses are considered companion animals, many are beloved pets of their humans. Most people are sickened by the thought of eating them.

Since it is offensive to so many people, why present such a show? There are certainly enough of a variety of foods to use in a cooking competition. Could it be that the “Top Chef Show” enjoys the controversy and the publicity it generates?

Where do the horses come from, how have they been treated while alive, how have they been slaughtered? These questions and others need answers.

The HSUS and other humane organizations have been working to ban the transport of live horses to Canada. U.S. based horse-killing plants have been closed since 2007.

As the Humane Society International-Canada states, “many of the horses who end up slaughtered for food are raised as companion animals and are condemned to this horrific end following a lifetime of service to people.” And how many young horses in their prime meet their end this way?

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