Hawaiian Spotted Pufferfish

The Hawaiian Spotted Pufferfish is also called the
White Spotted Sharpnose Puffer. It is native to the Hawaiian Islands. It is hardy and a good beginner fish, although some people are put off by its aggressive nature.

Males and females are up to 3.5 in. Most fish ignore this fish. However do not house with predators such as Groupers or Morays. This fish can be quite territorial and very aggressive. It will follow other fish around a tank and pick at their fins. The minimum tank size is 53 gal. and it is not recommended for a reef-tank. It does very well in a fish-only tank. It is an omnivore and will eat various meaty foods as well as herbivore food. When threatened, it will inflate its body to double its size. It will get scared when caught in a net, so it should be transferred in a container.


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