Garden Edging Safety

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Spring is finally here and everyone is busy working in their gardens. But you may have a danger in your garden that you are not even aware of.

It’s hard to believe that metal edgings for gardens are still on the market. And it’s even harden to believe that people buy them. Even covered, they present a hidden danger to your pets. The covers do wear down after a time and you’re left with a sharp metal edge that can slice through paws like a knife.

When dogs are playing, they are so focused on what they are doing that they usually ignore their surroundings. If stepped on, metal edgings, even set deep in the ground, can cause deep cuts and severe injuries. You can’t always watch dogs who are able to go out in the garden at will.

If there is still snow on the ground that covers the edging, your dog will not be aware that it is there. If you take your dog visiting and s/he is invited to go out in the garden, ask if you can inspect the area beforehand to make sure it’s safe. If you find metal edging or anything else that can pose a danger to your dog, keep him/her safely with you on leash.

There are other edgings that available that can add to the beauty of your garden. Stones come in all shapes,sizes and many colors. Bricks can be formed into a lovely design. Check out plastic lawn edgings that will bend or break when stepped on.

Whatever the cost of these edgings (and they are really not expensive), it’s a lot cheaper then rushing your dog to the veterinarian for emergency surgery due to the loss of a toe or damage to a tendon.

Metal edgings are dangerous for children too. Children don’t pay attention to their surroundings when in the midst of a game. Emergency room doctors can attest to the number of serious injuries sustained by children by metal edgings.

Other pets and wildlife can be injured by the edgings as well.

If you have metal edgings in your garden, please get rid of them. Please replace them with something safer and more attractive.

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