Halloween Pet Safety

Dog Halloween

Halloween is near, a time for children and adults too, to dress up in costumes (and sometimes their pets) and go out Trick or Treating.

Sadly, veterinarians tell us that this time of year they see many more injured and mutilated animals. There are people out there who have no regard for living creatures. So we want to remind you to keep your pet safe for the holiday.

Don’t allow your pet to eat any of the treats you may collect or have at home. Make sure any candy, candy wrappers or food or drink toxic to pets are kept out of reach of your pets.

If you decide to dress up your dog and take him/her on your rounds of Trick or Treat, keep him/her on a short leash, make sure there is an ID tag on the collar, and keep your dog close to you. Don’t allow anyone else to feed your dog any treats.

Since your door will be opening and closing many times Halloween night, it might be best to confine your pets to a quiet room behind a gate or closed door to ease their stress. Same holds true if you have a party at your house.

Don’t tie your dog outdoors or leave your cat or any pets out during these holiday days. They could become victims of animal abuse at this time of year.

If your decide to dress up your pet, do so only if your pet isn’t frightened or upset. Make sure the costumes are safe – no parts that can cause injury or choking. The costume should fit well, not too tight or too loose. Costumes should not impede movement, hearing, sight, breathing and should allow your pet to to bark or meow. If your pet is really unhappy wearing a costume, don’t stress him/her by dressing up.

Have a great Halloween and keep yourself safe as well as your pets.

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