Finding a Vet for Your Horse

Horse Nose

It’s important for you to find the right vet to take care of your horse. After all, your horse is a very dear friend and you want the best care for him/her.

The vet you choose should share your love of horses. One of the best ways to find a suitable vet is to talk to other horse owners to ask questions and recommendations. Check the vet’s qualifications,experience, any specialties, affiliations with horse organizations.

Here are some questions you can ask a prospective vet or check for yourself.

Although not necessary, does your vet own a horse?

When your vet enters the horse’s area, are both calm? Is your vet patient and takes the time to relax your horse before examination or treatment?

Does your vet understand that horses, especially if they are ill, need time spent with them to soothe the animal’s fears?

Is your vet patient with you and without rushing, explain what s/he is doing and why?

If there’s a problem, does your vet talk you through treatment?

Does s/he have good communication skills?

Are you able to reach your vet in case of emergencies or if you have any questions?

A good rapport with both you and your horse is very important in building trust and being at ease when a vet visit is necessary.

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