Controlling Dandruff in Pets

Dog Dandruff

It’s natural for skin cells to shed and appear as flakes on the hair. But an excess of flakiness could mean several things.

The most common causes of dandruff are allergies. Your pet could be allergic to food, grass, chemicals used on rugs, floors, lawn and more. Your pet should be evaluated by the veterinarian to rule out allergies or diseases which can cause dry, flaky skin and hair loss such as Cushing’s Disease, diabetes and others.

Often there is a bacterial or yeast infection present. Dr. Andrew Jones in his blog recommends applying 50 parts apple cider vinegar with 50 parts water for yeast or dandruff and undiluted vinegar for a bacterial infection.

When you shampoo your pet, use a gentle shampoo such as Aveeno, colloidal oatmeal or one that contains salicylic acid or sulfur. Leave the shampoo on for at least 5 minutes to work.

Brush your pet often with a non-harsh brush to spread the skin’s natural oils. Rub a moisturizer into the skin. You can use a moisturizing dog conditioner sold in pet stores or hand lotions or moisture creams.

You might want to consider changing your pet’s diet using one protein at a time to see if that helps. Avoid using any harsh chemicals in your home or lawn. Going green is good for you, your pet and the environment.

If the condition doesn’t clear up or becomes worse, consult your veterinarian.

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