Why Your Rabbit Needs Hay

Rabbits, as herbivores, must have diets high in fiber to keep their digestive systems healthy and working properly. Hay provides good digestive health as well as physical and mental stimulation. The two main types of hay are grass hay and legume hay. Grass hay is the better of the two because of its high nutrient […]

Cancer Rabbits

Cancer in Rabbits

Cancer in rabbits is relatively rare, but it does occur. The most common forms are skin cancer and uterine cancer. Up to 85% of female rabbits develop uterine cancer by the time they are 4 years old. The best treatment is prevention – spay your female rabbit. Surgical removal of tumors is the usual treatment. […]


Rabbit Hutches

Do you want a rabbit hutch or a cage? Cages are made of bars on all sides. This provides excellent ventilation and waste managing properties, but rabbits are docile, shy creature and they like being able to hide away, as attested by their predilection for burrowing. Hutches are often made of wire mesh on only […]

Rabbits Rodent Articles

Rabbit Housing, Indoors and Outdoors

Even if your rabbit is allowed the freedom of the house a cage is necessary as a nesting and comfort area. If your rabbit spends a great deal of time in the cage it should be as large as you can afford. A solid floor is best as wire floors can cause discomfort and injury […]


Litterbox Training Your Rabbit

Rabbits certainly can be litter-trained. It just takes patience and some time. The advantage of training your rabbit to use a litter box is that your pet can be allowed more freedom in the house and you don’t have to worry about soiling. The first thing to remember is always to reward your pet with […]

Pet Safety Rabbits

Rabbit-Proof Your House

The purpose of rabbit-proofing your home is to protect your rabbit from harm as well as to protect your belongings. If your rabbit has the run of the whole house, rabbit-proofing will have to be extensive. You can also choose to give him free reign only in one room or in an enclosed area, and […]



Lagomorphs are members of the taxonomic order of Lagomorpha, which includes rabbits, hares and pikas. Originally these animals were classified as rodents but it has since been discovered that they have unique characteristics which differ from those in the rodent order. The main differences are: Lagomorphs have four incisors in the upper jaw, while rodents […]

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The domestic Rabbit originated with the European Rabbit. The Rabbit’s natural habitats are Europe, Africa and parts of Asia. There are more than 45 breeds of Rabbits. Different breeds have different personalities and characteristics. A female rabbit is known as a doe and a male rabbit is a buck. For show purposes, rabbits are divided […]

Adoption Rabbits

Choosing a Rabbit

When choosing a pet rabbit, the first step is deciding on a breed. If you have children, consider a medium to large size breed. These rabbits will be better at coping if they are stressed by the children’s actions. If you have a cat in the house, it is best to get a rabbit the […]

Rabbits Senior Pets

Caring for a Senior Rabbit

Rabbits may live into their teens and will slow down and be considered elderly at about 5-8 years old. Since pet rabbits are living longer these days, people who adopt rabbits can expect to be caring for an aging pet at some point. Rescue organizations sometimes offer older rabbits for adoption. Senior rabbits may suffer […]