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Australian Green Tree Frog

The Australian Green Tree Frog, also known as the Green Tree Frog, White’s Tree Frog or Dumpy Tree Frog is native to Australia and New Guinea. It has been introduced to New Zealand and the U.S. The Green Tree Frog can grow to 4 inches or more long, larger than most Australian frogs. Lifespan in […]

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Flying Squirrels

Where are Flying Squirrels found? The Southern Flying Squirrel is a native of North America and can be found from Nova Scotia, along the eastern part of the United States and into Mexico. It’s not advisable to take a wild flying squirrel as a pet, best to find one from a breeder. Check the laws […]

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Great Plains Rat Snake

What are some facts about the Great Plains Rat Snake? The Great Plains Rat Snake is native to the U.S. and can be seen from New Jersey to Colorado and south to Texas and northern Mexico. It is sometimes known as Emory’s Rat Snake for the surveyor who collected them for the Smithsonian Institute. It’s […]