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Percheron Horse

The ancient Percheron gets its name from the province in France of La Perche, southwest of Paris. The people of La Perche have always bred these horses and they are an intricate part of their lives. Sales of Percherons have brought them world-wide. Percherons are muscular, particularly in the lower thigh area and arms. Most […]

Horse Breeds

Paso Fino

Where is the Paso Fino Horse from? The Paso Fino is found in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Columbia and Venezuela. It has become a popular breed in the U.S. What does the Paso Fino look like? Paso Finos range from 13-16 hands tall. In the U.S. the Paso Fino is larger than its […]

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Palomino is a color and not considered a breed. The Golden Durado of early times was of Arabic, Moorish and Spanish blood and considered close to a breed of horse. The Palomino is seen in ancient tapestries and paintings in Asia and Europe. What does the Palomino look like? The Palomino is a golden color […]

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William Randolph Hearst, the powerful newspaper publisher in the late 19th century and early 20th century was the first known breeder of Morabs. Combining the Morgans and the Arabians, Hearst named the horse, Morab. The purpose was to create a fine carriage horse which would also be strong enough for moderate farm work. What does […]

Horse Breeds

American Miniature Horse

Miniatures are hardy animals, good with people and very friendly. They are trained to work as service animals. They can be guides for the blind and assist people with disabilities. Miniatures also compete in horse shows. They are beloved as pets. Where does the American Miniature Horse come from? Miniature horses developed from many different […]

Endangered Species Horse Breeds


What is the history of the Lipizzan? Lipizzaners are originally from Spain owing their ancestry to the Andalusian horses. Archduke Charles of Austria brought Spanish stock to his stud farm in Lipizza near Trieste about 1580. Together with his brother, Maximilolian II of Austria whose stud farm was in Kladrub, these horses were bred with […]

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Icelandic Horse

Where is the Icelandic Horse from? This horse has been known in Iceland since 800 A.D. It was brought there by the Vikings. Icelandic Horses came to North American in the late 19th century. What does the Icelandic Horse look like? Icelandics have heavy coats protecting them from the harsh climate of Iceland. They are […]

Horse Breeds

American Quarter Horse

The American Quarter Horse is the most popular breed of horse in the U.S. They are versatile, even-tempered, speedy and powerful. They have been used by the mounted police. They are gentle and eager to please. This dependable horse was used in rodeo events and continues to perform. They still work on cattle ranches and […]

Horse Breeds

Clydesdale horses

Clydesdales were once used as warhorses in the 17th century. They are named for Clydesdale, Scotland now known as Lanarkshire. The Clydesdale history dates back over 300 years where it was used as a draft horse on farms. Clydesdales have pulled heavy loads in urban and industrial areas, but are probably best known for pulling […]

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Where is the Appaloosa Horse from? Appaloosa were originally found near the Palouse River flowing through Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington State. The Nez Perce people bred these horses to be strong, fast and intelligent. What does the Appaloosa Horse look like? The Appaloosa stands 14 hands and up. They have vertically striped hooves and […]