Paso Fino

Paso Fino Horse

Where is the Paso Fino Horse from?

The Paso Fino is found in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Columbia and Venezuela. It has become a popular breed in the U.S.

What does the Paso Fino look like?

Paso Finos range from 13-16 hands tall. In the U.S. the Paso Fino is larger than its counterparts. They appear in all colors except for Appaloosa.

What are some facts about the Paso Fino?

The Paso Fino is what is known as a gaited horse (the different way a horse moves including special paces), a natural quality it is born with and may exhibit when several hours old. Paso Finos are hardy horses, intelligent and agile. They love people and try to please and do what is asked of them when treated kindly.


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