William Randolph Hearst, the powerful newspaper publisher in the late 19th century and early 20th century was the first known breeder of Morabs. Combining the Morgans and the Arabians, Hearst named the horse, Morab. The purpose was to create a fine carriage horse which would also be strong enough for moderate farm work.

What does the Morab look like?

The Morab has a muscular build with a thick mane and tail. It stands 14.1-15.2 hands tall. Colors are the varieties of colors and marking attributed to Morgan and Arabian horses.

Characteristics and uses

Morabs are highly intelligent and with their excellent temperament, make fine family horses. They are quick to learn and have a desire to please. They are often used as lesson and therapy horses. They compete in endurance riding, driving, dressage and other equine activities.


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