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Getting Your Pet’s Attention for Pictures

You’ve got a dog or a cat (or maybe several), and you want to take some pictures. How do you get your pet’s attention for those seconds that you need to take the pictures? Well, it’s not always easy, but it’s just about always possible. First, expect to take lots of pictures. Maybe 40 or […]

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What Happens if Your Pet Outlives You

Have you thought about what will happen to your pets when you die? Our pets are very important members of our family, but many of us neglect to make provisions for them before we are incapacitated or die. We would like to help you by offering some suggestions. You may ask friends or members of […]

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Support the “HAPPY” Act (H.R. 3501)

This bill was brought to my attention by a member of the bonecancerdogs group where I am also a member. The Humanity and Pets Partnered Through the Years (“HAPPY”) Act is a federal bill, supported by the ASPCA, that would allow responsible pet owners to deduct qualifying pet care and veterinary care to be tax-deductible. […]

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Pets and Superstitions

Many superstitions concern animals in general and pets in particular. Contents 1 Birds 2 Dogs 3 Cats 4 Horses 5 Other pets Birds     A bird that flies into a house, foretells an important message. A white bird for etells death. Bird droppings landing on your head are a sign of good luck. A […]

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The loss of a pet can be very difficult on all members of the family. Psychologists recognize that the loss of a pet is just as difficult as the death of a person. Unfortunately, society does not recognize this fact and may not give people permission to grieve openly. The death of a pet can […]

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Living in Small Spaces with Pets

Many years ago, a very wise veterinarian told me that any breed of dog can live in a small place. All dogs want is to be with their humans, no matter where they live. The secret to keeping a large breed dog in an apartment is giving your dog enough stimulation and exercise. Different breeds […]

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How to Get Rid of Skunk Odor

I’ve never had the experience of being sprayed by a skunk. But I’ve been around others who have and trust me, it’s not an odor you forget. Skunk spray is made of sulfurous, oily chemicals in the anal glands of the skunk. Skunks can accurately spray up to 15 feet away but usually use this […]

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These pages contain some humor about pets: A Note to the Pets of the House Just Horsing Around Pet Jokes Sharing Inner Peace

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There are many misconceptions, myths and urban legends relating to pets. These resources are designed to set the record straight. Articles about myths: Bird Myths, Facts and Urban Legends Cat Myths, Facts and Urban Legends Cats and 9 Lives – Myth or Fact? Dog Myths, Facts and Urban Legends Fish Myths, Facts and Urban Legends […]

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This page contains news items of interest to pet lovers. ASPCA-Congress Says No Horse Slaughter in U.S. ASPCA-Horse Slaughter Vote Alert ASPCA – Animals and Antibiotics ASPCA – April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month ASPCA – Justice is Served ASPCA – Victory for Puppies A Miracle in the Devastating Storms A Vet to […]