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Redtick Coonhound

Vital Statistics: Place of Origin: United States Group: Sporting dog Height: Height = 21-27 in. Weight: 40-65 lbs. Life span: 10-12 yrs. Trainability: moderate Good with children: yes, usually with older children Good with other pets: will chase small animals What is the origin of the Redtick Coonhound? The Redtick Coonhound is a result of […]

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Nocturnal Pets

Nocturnal pets are animals which sleep during the day and are active at night. The reason some animals are awake during the day and others are awake at night is so that different animals can hunt the same field or meadow for the same prey without conflict. Nocturnal animals are likely to hunt diurnal (awake […]

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Pets and Superstitions

Many superstitions concern animals in general and pets in particular. Contents 1 Birds 2 Dogs 3 Cats 4 Horses 5 Other pets Birds     A bird that flies into a house, foretells an important message. A white bird for etells death. Bird droppings landing on your head are a sign of good luck. A […]