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Hunting Dogs

Contents 1 History of hunting dogs 2 Types of hunting dogs 3 Controversy surrounding the morality of hunting with dogs 4 Household pets History of hunting dogs Prehistoric man discovered the usefulness of dogs in hunting for food. Ancient cave paintings have been found which depict humans and dogs hunting together. At first, dogs were […]

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Guide Dogs

Guide dogs are assistance dogs trained to lead blind and vision impaired people around obstacles. They are led by their human owners and help them get where they want to go safely. Guide dogs are mentioned in literature as early as the sixteenth century but the first guide dog training schools were established in Germany […]

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Companion Dogs

Most dogs are companions in addition to other jobs, but Companions have no specific work. They are wonderful playmates and loving family pets. These dogs want to have a loving relationship with humans and shouldn’t be left alone for long periods of time. One of my friends recommended me to order custom writingon EssaysProfessors.Com. To […]

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Service Dogs

A service dog is trained to aid people with disablilities other than sight loss. There are a number of different services performed by these dogs, all of which help a disabled person function in today’s world. Hearing dogs are trained to be the ears for a deaf person. The dog will alert its human by […]

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Livestock Guards/Guardians

Livestock Guards are dogs that prevent predators from attacking their charges. These are usually large dogs able to fight off predators of any size. Although sometimes confused with herding dogs (also called sheepdogs), they protect the flock from outsiders, as opposed to sheepdogs who control the movements of the flock. Sheepdogs work with the shepherd, […]

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A hound is a type of dog that assists hunters by tracking or chasing the animal being hunted. It is distinguished from Gun Dogs, which identify the location of the prey and retrievers, which bring the quarry to the hunter. There are some hounds which use both the sight and sound senses to track prey. […]

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While all dogs have a much stronger sense of smell than humans, scenthounds are sporting dogs that use their exceptionally high developed sense of smell to nose out prey. These dogs are also used for rescue. It is the belief of many historians that the ancestors of the scenthounds were large fierce Molossian dogs, who […]

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Sighthounds are sporting dogs that have keen eyesight and can easily spot prey by sight. These dogs have flexible backs and long legs so they can capture fast prey. They also have unusually large hearts and lean wiry bodies. There is proof that sighthounds were in use in ancient times. The earliest presumed sighthound remains […]

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Working Dogs

Working dogs are dogs that have many jobs that include guarding, protection, police work, armed services work, guides for the blind, other services and rescue. Due to their large size and strength, it is important that these dogs be properly trained. Before adopting one of these breeds, make sure they are appropriate for your family […]

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Toy Dogs

Toy dogs are dogs that are diminutive in size. Some can be found in other groups as well. A toy dog will often be slow-moving, with little need for exercise and low endurance. This type of dog is great if your primary focus is on having a companion. A toy dog can also be a […]