Belly Rubs, Scratches and so on

Belly Rub

Where does your pet like to be petted?

Belly rubs appear to be a favorite with dogs. When I approach, sometimes my dogs will automatically roll over to have their bellies scratched.

Another popular spot is way down near the base of their tails. They stand still for that one.

Does your dog flinch when you put your hand on his/her head? A trainer once advised me not to pat a dog on top of the head and I guess he was right. But dogs and cats too seem to like scratches behind the ears.

None of the cats I’ve known like belly rubs. And they let me know about their dislike using their back paws effectively to remove my hand.

Most cats like long strokes even ending at the tip of the tail.

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Rabbits are fans of long strokes and behind the ear scratches. Most small pets will sit still for ear scratches.

We naturally reach to pat a horse’s nose when s/he moves their head towards us. But horses really don’t like those pats. If they could talk, they would probably say “how would you like your nose patted”. They would rather be scratched or stroked, especially in places they can’t reach.

Grooming your pet is another way to stroke and give affection. Grooming should begin early in a pet’s life. Make it a positive experience by offering a treat and lots of soft words. But not too many treats – watch that waistline.

Does your pet have any petting preferences?

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