Awareness Days


MBJungle Foundation has created a day of observance for pet birth defects. Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day was established in 2014 in order to bring awareness to identification, causes and prevention of pet birth defects as well as how these pets may be treated. This day of awareness was created by the founder of MBJungle Foundation David Rogers who believes that the awareness brought to this matter, along with education, will help prevent pet birth defects, and those born with birth defects can be identified early enough to save their lives. Pets born with defects can lead long, healthy lives and be a positive addition to loving homes by providing physical and mental advantages to people. Several major organizations have recognized Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day to commemorate an ethical cause of importance. The ribbon color for this awareness day is twofold, dark green on one side and orange on the other. Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day is recognized annually on September 13th.

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