Why is my pet refusing to eat?

Dog Won't Eat

Is your pet normally a chow hound? If your pet is refusing food, the first thing to do is check for signs of illness. Does your pet have diarrhea or vomiting? Is your pet drinking enough water? If you suspect that your pet is ill, then a trip to the vet is necessary.

If your pet doesn’t eat for a day or two, it’s not unusual. In the wild our pets didn’t eat every day as hunting was not always successful.

Here are some reasons for your pet to be off his feed.

Is your pet stressed by some change? Have you moved, is there a new arrival in your household like a baby or a new pet?

Is your pet a fussy eater? Have you made changes in your pet’s diet?

Has your pet been vaccinated shortly before refusing food?

Is your pet bored with your choice of food?

Is your pet on any medication that may suppress appetite?

Is someone in your household slipping too many treats or extra food to your pet?

Have you checked your cat’s or dog’s teeth and mouth? A dental problem can be causing pain and preventing your pet from eating.

Is the food you’re feeding fresh? Always check for spoilage.

If your pet is in good health and skips a couple of meals, it’s not a worry. There are things you can do to encourage your pet to eat.

Sometimes adding a little tasty soup or gravy to the meal helps. If your dog or cat normally eat kibble and are refusing, try another high quality brand. Adding some homecooking can make it more palatable. One of my dogs has a very sensitive stomach, so they are now on holistic, grain-free kibble to which I alternately add meat (chicken, ground beef, chunks or kidneys), hard-boiled egg, cottage cheese and yogurt, and brown rice or pasta with gravy and some canned food that’s all natural. Some may think my dogs are spoiled, but I know they are getting tasty, healthy meals.

If your pet has a chronic illness such as cancer or diabetes, it is very important that they maintain their weight. In our article, “Home Cooking For Your Pet“, you’ll find a recipe for broth listed under cancer diet whioh pets rarely turn down.

If you pet bird isn’t eating, don’t wait, take the bird to your vet.

If your pet snake stops eating and is in good health, it’s just taking a rest. Healthy snakes often refuse food sometimes for weeks at a time.

Amphibians sometimes don’t eat due to stress, illness, wrong humidity or temperature levels, dominant cagemates, or adjusting to a new environment. If illness is suspected, time for a vet visit.

A healthy pet, fed high quality foods, given enough exercise, usually will be back to eating normally within a day or two.

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