Why Dogs and Cats Sleep Curled Up

Kitten Curled Up

Have you ever watched your pet curl up on a winter’s day, feet tucked in, tail curled round covering the nose?

While it may not look like the most comfortable position for your pet, it offers warmth and comfort. The curled position conserves body heat and while our dogs and cats usually have their own comfortable beds (or ours), curling in a ball goes back to the time when they lived in the wild.

Dogs would dig out a small spot, large enough for their bodies. Researchers believe that when pets walk in circles before lying down, they are checking for insects or snakes. Curling in a ball protects the animal from predators and foul weather. Curling also protects vital body parts.

Researchers also believe that curling up gives the pet a den-like feeling, being close to their own kind.

New pets in the home, particularly those adopted from shelters or the streets, may adjust more easily if crated. The crate may be covered with a blanket if necessary to close it from any outside activity. Making a nesting area inside the crate with a blanket or towel encourages the pet’s natural instinct to circle and make a bed, giving a feeling of security.

A pet’s natural instincts will help it to survive and adjust to all conditions.

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