Grass-Eating Dogs

Dog Eating Grass

There’s a lot of debate but no one knows for certain why dogs eat grass.

Some dogs eat grass at every opportunity while others may only partake of it occasionally.

Grass-eating appears to help the occasional gobbler soothe an upset stomach by vomiting. Dogs that eat grass on an almost daily basis usually don’t show signs of upsets.

If your dog enjoys grass-eating regularly, you might consider adding green veggies to the diet. Steam the veggies and then mash them for easier digestion. Just a note – broccoli may cause stomach upsets, so offer only 2-3 times a week.

If your lawn is your pride and joy and you regularly mow and fertilize and spray pesticides, you don’t want your dog chewing there. Even walking on sprayed areas shouldn’t be allowed for at least a day or two. Fertilizers and pesticides are toxic to all animals and dogs are no exception. Perhaps you can set aside a small patch in an area away from the lawn, with no chemicals, for your dog to graze on.

In the wild, the prey of canines are plant-eating animals. Wild canines still eat fruits and vegetables, whatever is available.

Whatever the reason for your dog’s grass-eating habit, don’t worry, it’s normal behavior.

You might want to consider adding sprouts to your dog’s diet. You can start them from seeds or purchase seedlings at a nursery. Try to stick to organically grown sprouts. Sprouts contain more digestible vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes. They are a great source of many nutrients.

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