Where can I take my dog on vacation?

Dog on Vacation

Vacation time can be anytime, the time we all look forward to.

Here are some ideas for vacationing with your dog. Wherever you decide to go, check beforehand to make sure pets are allowed. And some places have restrictions on size of dog, so get all the information you can.

If your dog hasn’t traveled in the car, before going on vacation, take him for short rides. This will accustom your dog to being in the car. Drs. Foster and Smith have a biscuit called Ultra-Calm, a natural herbal blend, tasty for dogs, that will help them relax on the trip. Follow dosage recommendation.

Wherever you take your dog on vacation with you, please make sure all vaccinations are current. Include a first aid kit, ID tags even if your dog has a chip, rabies tag and a tag with your destination and phone number.

If your dog enjoys swimming you might take him to the beach. While there are restricted areas, some beaches allow dogs. Check for potential hazards such as a strong undertow, harmful fish, areas where broken seashells can cut paws. Have fresh water along and find a shady place to rest in between playtime. Consider getting a doggie life jacket, ear protection and even doggie goggles. If you’re using a pool, you can get a ramp which will make it easier for your dog to get out. Please don’t leave your dog alone while he’s in the pool or at the beach.

If you enjoy camping there are many parks that allow dogs. Check if dogs are also allowed to hike and swim with you in the park and if reservations are necessary.

While packing for yourself, be sure to pack your pet’s needs – dishes, food, bottled water, bedding, toys and medicines if necessary. Fill baggies with your dog’s favorite treats and perhaps some food for when you stop. It’s a good idea to know where to go in case of emergency. Check campsites and parks for what services are available.

When traveling on the road, allow enough time for pit stops for your dog (and you). And please don’t leave your dog alone in the car. Temperatures rise very quickly inside the car and can cause heatstroke and even death.

There are hotels and motels that accept dogs and even have supervised kennels where your dog will get star treatment.

And speaking of star treatment, if you can’t take your dog on vacation with you, there are many kennels catering to dogs. Visit the kennel you choose and check the facilities to be sure it’s the place you can safely leave your dog.

And if your dog or any other pets you have can’t vacation with you, ask a friend or relative if they will pet-sit. There are also professional petsitters who may even water your plants and collect your mail. Just be sure the person is reliable – check references.

The American Automobile Association has a booklet “Traveling with your Pet: the AAA PetBook” which has information on pet-friendly places to vacation with your dog. Here’s some online sites that have information on vacationing with your dog:










If you are planning a holiday in the UK or France, (and with a pets passport, it’s not impossible!) check out:

Have a great vacation!


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