What can I do about Pet Odors?

Smelly Dog

Pet owners – have you ever invited guests to your home only to have them wrinkle their noses when entering? You can save yourself embarrassment by following a few tips.

First, choose the proper equipment (combs and brushes, etc) suitable for your pet’s coat type. Next, USE them – often. Frequent brushing, combing, etc. will help eliminate dead fur, debris and dirt that can cause unpleasant odors.

Bathe your pet when necessary. You don’t want to do this too often as too much of this good thing can remove natural oils. Check with the experts how often to bathe your particular breed of pet and then choose a time in the middle of their differing opinions. Your own nose will tell you when it’s time. Use a shampoo suited to your pet’s needs – sensitive skin, allergies, dryness, fleas, etc.

Keep your pet’s bedding clean with regular weekly washings. You can use a towel or throw to cover bedding and favorite lying down spots that you that can easily toss into the washing machine. Some pet mattresses come with removable covers, easier to care for.

Clean cages at least once a week. Use plain water or a mild solution of soap and water and rinse very well.

Clean litter boxes often. Even though litters today claim to eliminate or hide odors, build-up of waste causes unpleasant smells. If you have multiple cats, change litter twice a week, otherwise weekly is usually sufficient. Again, your nose will let you know. Have you tried the newest litter box? It looks like a mini-toilet, you plug it in and using special litter, it automatically cleans the box. And each bag of litter is good for 6 months.

Pet food is another contributor to household odors. Unless you have a clean, safe, bug-free area to store pet food, don’t buy more than a month’s supply. Keep it covered or better yet, purchase an easily sealed container large enough for the amount of food you buy. Wet food can be covered and refrigerated. Try to accustom your pets to eating at certain times and remove any leftovers. Wash pet dishes as often as you do your own dishes.

Accidents happen. Please don’t scold your pet – it will only confuse them further. Just show them the proper place to go potty. There are many products available today that destroy odors and clean spots without staining. Read labels and follow instructions carefully for yours and your pets’ safety.

Let’s all try to remove wrinkled noses.

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