When is it Time to Switch Vets

Dog Vet

Most of us, thank goodness, are fortunate to have a good relationship with our veterinarians. But for those searching for a vet or beginning to have questions about the current vet, here are some hints to help you search or decide it’s time to change vets.

  • When you ask for a tour of the facilities you are denied access. If the explanation is that a patient is in surgery or the examination room is busy, then ask when you can make another appointment to visit the premises. But repeated denial raises the question – What are they hiding?
  • Vets and staff are aloof and seemingly unsympathetic to your pet and/or you. For example, if emergencies occur or if for some other reason you are kept waiting for a long period of time, a member of the staff should tell you of the situation. Then you have the choice to wait or change your appointment to a different day.
  • There is no information regarding after hours care or emergencies. While your vet may not be available after hours, s/he should have a the number of an emergency vet or clinic posted.
  • There is no clear communication between you and your vet. You should be able to ask and discuss any questions you have about your pet’s care. Your vet may not be able to answer all your questions, but s/he can either find the answers or direct you to a specialist.
  • Ask your vet if s/he keeps abreast of new treatments and protocols.
  • If you’ve heard others voice complaints about treatment or you suspect something is not right in the treatment of your pet, it’s time to look elsewhere. You are the best advocate for your pet and you want your pet to have the best treatment.

While you may not be best friends with your vet there needs to be a rapport between the two of you of mutual trust and respect. If you have any feeling of mistrust, it’s time to look for a new vet.

The best time to look for a change is preferably when your pet is well so that neither of you have any added stress or make decisions under pressure.

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