Cat Breeds That Get Along With Dogs

Japanese Bobtail

We’ve all heard the expression, “fighting like cats and dogs”, but is it true. In some cases it probably is so, but especially with cats and dogs raised together, they can become best friends. Even older pets can be introduced to each other and if they don’t actually become friends, they will tolerate each other. But there are times when no matter how hard you try, both the cat and dog are just not compatible.

These are some cat breeds that will enjoy the company of a dog and will get along well with children and other cats too.

  • American Shorthair – Brought to England during the Roman invasion, they made their way to America on the Mayflower.
  • Japanese Bobtail – They like to play in water, learn to fetch and can take part in feline agility.
  • Turkish Angora – This bossy breed will share its home with both cats and dogs.
  • Siberian – They are high jumpers and their beautiful coat is water-repellent.
  • Maine Coon – These are very friendly cats with a laid back personality that allows them to get along with everyone.
  • Birman – The sacred cat of Burma (now Myanmar) was a favorite of Kittah priests. They are affectionate, gentle and will engage a dog in a game of tag.
  • Ragdoll – A docile, non-aggressive, gentle, affectionate pet that will follow you about like a dog. They are too gentle to allow outdoors without being leashed and walked.
  • Turkish Van – This cat like to swim, is loyal, intelligent and affectionate, but a bit mischievous which adds to its personality.
  • Manx – A high jumping, stub-tailed breed that gets along well with dogs.

This does not mean that other breeds or mixes won’t get along with dogs. With proper training, most dogs turn out to be pussycats when it comes to feline friends.

On a personal note: My dad would often take my then mixed breed rescue dog, Maizie Dae, for a walk when he would pick my son up from school. Maizie did not like cats and would often pull my dad when she saw one even at a distance. One day, upon reaching my son’s school, a stray cat, unafraid, rubbed up against Maizie. Fortunately Maizie had an excellent temperament (except when it came to cats) and to our surprise, she accepted the cat’s friendship. We never had a problem after that, introducing cats to Maizie.

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